a profoundly brilliant, young man with unique medical challenges; and, a bright, compassionate, bold, confident, young woman


My Son

Evan was born with kidney failure; from approximately 30 days old, his life relied on dialysis. For two and a half years, we drove to the hospital every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday for 4-hour dialysis treatments – it was our life. In 2012, Evan received his first kidney transplant; a year later, he’d need another. Both kidneys were gifts from living donors: the first from me, his mom, then Monica, my mother’s cousin. His current kidney, lovingly nicknamed “Little Murph,” has been with him for over 6 years…

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Saving Evan

For the greater part of a year, Alison Beier rushed her son to the hospital every three to six weeks to be treated for septic shock – an often-fatal condition triggered by relentless infection. Evan, 4, waited for a new kidney. His first transplant, scarred from repeated infections, required tubes to drain – his immune system, fragile.

Evan’s doctors pushed to remove the ailing kidney; his life would rely solely on dialysis. They were convinced there was no other option…

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When the Atheist Prays

I can’t make an argument for the existence of God in a single article, but as a skeptic and a cynic, I find myself at a place in life where I have taken a leap of faith into the belief that there may be something greater out there. Faith in something greater, and the practice of prayer is indeed a powerful thing that I can’t seem to totally understand or explain, but the story of my friends Alison and Dan, and their son Evan, has made me a believer.

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