A living kidney donor, a 2x transplant recipient, and the possibility of transformed organ donation in the United States


My Son

Evan was born with kidney failure; from approximately 30 days old, his life relied on dialysis. For two and a half years, we drove to the hospital every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday for 4-hour dialysis treatments – it was our life. In 2012, Evan received his first kidney transplant; a year later, he’d need another. Both kidneys were gifts from living donors: the first from me, his mom, then Monica, my mother’s cousin. His current kidney, lovingly nicknamed “Little Murph,” has been with him for over 6 years…

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Organ Transformation

If you could have anything you want in the world, what would it be? For me, the answer is: transformed organ donation in the United States. 112,437 people are currently waiting for life-saving transplants in the US; one person is added to that list every 9 minutes. With existing organ donation policies in place, 20 people on the transplant waiting list die every day…

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UCLA Urology Update, Winter 2018

Eight-year-old Evan Beier tells his UCLA Urology physicians that he will one day be elected president of the United States. Based on his positive attitude, can-do spirit and ability to overcome the odds that have been against him since birth, no one is about to disagree.

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